Welcome to Lady Chief! My name is TeriAnn Trevenen and I am a firm believer that you are the CEO of your own life.

With that belief in mind, I set out to show people how they, too, can create a business and lifestyle that brings them true joy and fulfillment. And that is exactly what Lady Chief will do.

It’s time to create the business and life that you want and Lady Chief will show you how.

Here is a bit of my back story:

In my early 20s, I was a mom of two young girls, broke, working to create a career, uncertain of where my life would take me, and simply struggling to survive.

I took a risk on a start-up company, and within a few years went from a Customer Success Rep to building a life I never would have dared to dream of. What started out as a side job for me turned into the greatest adventure of my life.

In four years I went from knowing nothing about business or running a large company, to being a CEO and building multi-million dollar companies that had vision, mission, and heart. Companies that were changing the world.

From deep insecurity to great confidence, from poverty to wealth, from making mistakes and failing to success, I started with nothing and have built a life that – at one point – I never would have believed was possible…and I want other people to do the same!

This is why I created Lady Chief!


I’ve brought together some of the brightest and best business minds and leaders in their industries, to inspire you!

Lady Chief inspires others to step into their truth and power.
Lady Chief inspires others to be confident.
Lady Chief inspires others to build their business.
Lady Chief inspires others to be successful.
Lady Chief inspires others to create the life that they want. .

Together, we are giving you inspired content, products, events, and building a community to help you create the life that you want!

Come and join us, and be the CEO of your own life.

Own your power in your business.

Come and be inspired.

It’s time for you to experience Lady Chief!